Your Business

LeanStart is a program based on Lean Startup Methodology, it is a 23-session (10 weeks) practical program conducted twice a year in Spring and Fall. LeanStart provides a hands-on real world experience; teaching you how to successfully start a business.

Just an idea

You can start your dream company’s journey just by having an idea. Lean Start is a 23 session (10 weeks) practical program conducted twice a year in Startup Valley. You will get real-world hands-on experiential learning on how to start your dream company.

No Business Plan

To begin your startup journey with LeanStart, you don’t need a business plan. The important factors are the strength of your idea and the market viability of your product. We get you started with simple, quick and practical activities.

Comprehensive Teaching

Comprehensive action-oriented lectures and mentorship sessions will be provided to startups, followed by assignments which require the startup team to spend enough time outside Startup Valley talking to customers, competitors and partners. The exercises will be completed using business model canvas and customer development model.

That is just the Beginning

The program comes to an end by startups pitching their businesses to judges in order to qualify for the next stage; LeanScale program.

Take Part in Global Startup Revolution!

Do you have an idea and the commitment to Start a company? Have you already started a company and looking for some practical support to Grow your company?