Your Business

Available to young started businesses with considerable potential to grow.  Scaleup businesses applying must have a team of two or more people, and already have customer traction. In other words this program is for later stage startups.

Grow your existing Startup

The program is designed for later stage startups having active customer traction. Through coaching & mentoring, we help existing startups to grow by applying advanced sales & marketing practices to their business. Additionally cash flow management, access to marketplace, access human talent and access to potential investors are part of this program.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring sessions customized to needs of each individual startup; will cover sales & marketing, strategic partnerships, cash-flow management, startup human resources and distribution channels.

Your growth office

With a limited capital, startups face huge problem finding proper space and investment for the equipment required to set up an office. Startup Valley provides you with the required space, access to most of your essential equipment and supplies and an environment filled with equal enthusiasm and innovative ideas.

Take Part in Global Startup Revolution!

Do you have an idea and the commitment to Start a company? Have you already started a company and looking for some practical support to Grow your company?