Build a Startup
Online Program

A completely online program that practically helps you to build a startup in 12 weeks. The program has a guided version that runs at specific times in the year, during which weekly group and individual mentoring sessions happen. The program also has a self-paced version that runs based on your own timetable throughout the year, during which individual mentoring sessions happen based on your request. Both versions of the programs can be completed from the convenience of your home, your office, or a coffee shop.

Step by Step Guidance

The course is built over popular lean startup methodology. Using the Business Model Canvas, entrepreneurs map out their company’s structure and an overview of how their business works: key partners, channels, revenue, etc. They also use the Customer Development Model to get validation for their proposed business idea. Based on their customers’ feedback, the participants create a product/service that meets/satisfies their customers’ needs.

100% Practical

Unlike traditional business schools and textbooks, it’s not about writing or executing a predefined business plan. Instead, our participants spend most of their time out of the building, interacting with, talking to, and sharing their ideas with potential customers, partners, investors, and understanding further their competitors. Once that step is complete, entrepreneurs begin the development of a full scale product, or an in-depth business plan and feasibility study.

Is it right for you?

The individuals who can benefit from the program can range from as young as 15 years old to the age that a person is capable to start and manage a business.

The minimum required education level is the basic knowledge of reading, writing, calculating, and comprehending the training content however, the only pre-condition for is to have the passion of creating something of value which you can be proud of.

Take Part in Global Startup Revolution!

Do you have an idea and the commitment to Start a company? Have you already started a company and looking for some practical support to Grow your company?